Why I Went Over: It Became Personal

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

As part of our "Why I Went Over the Edge" series, we're excited to share a story from Jill, who rappelled for our City Life program!


I love adventure sports! Plain and simple. Ask me to go caving, rappelling, hiking, etc., I am in! So when I was asked to think about rappelling to raise money for YFC, I was pretty excited. Youth for Christ brought me to Miami in 2002 on a summer internship. It was the relationships formed here at YFC that made it comfortable enough to leave Pennsylvania and decide to teach and live in Homestead. So, I was all in when it came to fundraising and going down 10 stories. But, then it became personal. There was a shooting at our local park, where I workout and my nephew ran track. Two boys fatally shot one another. Well, turns out one of the shooters was a previous student.

A kid that had true potential, but was a follower, even in my second grade class. I was shook. I thought what I could have done differently. The real difference and one that can still be made is for that kid to know Jesus — to realize that his greatest weapon was not a gun or words, but the greatest weapon of Christ and his sacrificial love. I'm truly excited to support YFC as the opportunities exist in order to make strides against youth violence by telling kids about Christ!

-Jill Daceus, Third grade teacher

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