Why I Went Over: Richie’s Story

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

Our veteran staff person, Glenn Craig, hasn't just rappelled - he's had his "son" Richard (or Richie) go over the edge too!  But their story runs deeper than a one-time event.  Here, Glenn shares why he and this important young man go Over the Edge together.


In 1988 a Miami Youth for Christ supervisor challenged us to take one youth and mentor him. I chose a young man named Richie. He was 14 years old and had done some time at the juvenile detention center. He started going to my church and became involved in a weekly Bible study.

The years started to roll on; there were great times and difficult moments. When Richard was 21 years old, he was involved in a crime that resulted him in doing 22 years in prison. I remember sitting with his family in the courtroom as he received his sentence from the judge. My heart sank. I wrote a letter to the judge, pleading for his life. But the decision did not change.  Richard, my Richie, went to prison.

Although challenging for me I stood by Richie’s side and continued to mentor and encourage him in the Lord.  In 2011, I was delighted when Richard was released from prison! He moved back to Miami, got a job, and even rejoined the local church and Bible studies he attended in his youth.

Today Richie is a champion for Miami Youth for Christ! Last year, he was involved in our Over the Edge fundraising event and raised over $1,000 to help stop youth violence! He cannot wait to participate in our Over the Edge event happening on January 26, 2019!  But he needs friends - friends to rappel alongside him, friends to donate to the JJM team, and friends to sponsor the event! Will you join Richie and the Juvenile Justice team? He would love to see you there!!

To join Richard & Glenn, visit www.miamiovertheedge.com.

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