Serving Miami

Current Programs

Miami Youth for Christ (Miami YFC) provides free educational and outreach programs that are inclusive and accessible to all children and youth throughout Miami-Dade County. Through its programs, Miami YFC seeks to provide an environment for positive youth development thereby enabling these students to reach their full potential in life. There are five programs under the umbrella of Miami YFC: MYLI (Miami Youth Leadership Initiative), Campus Life, Catalyst Hip-Hop, Juvenile Justice Outreach, and KIX.

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In total, Miami YFC offers 35 programs per week at 12 different sites throughout Miami-Dade County serving over 4,000 students per year.

Miami YFC programs effectively engage children and youth of all ages and all social, religious, cultural, and economic backgrounds. These programs are designed to bring wholeness and hope to Miami’s young people and include: 

  • K.I.X.  Kids In Christ

    • KIX is a neighborhood outreach program serving the communities of West Homestead/Florida City, Princeton/Naranja, and Overtown. These communities are characterized by high crime, high poverty with 97% of students eligible to receive free/reduced lunch programs.

    At KIX, at-risk children and youth receive fun, engaging, best-practice curricula, activities and individualized instruction including literacy, homework assistance, health/nutrition classes, physical fitness and life skills development. Serves 500 elementary through high school students. (Learn More >>)

  • Juvenile Justice

    Juvenile Justice is a program for youth living in residential facilities that have been abandoned, abused, and arrested.

    Juvenile Justice partners with Miami Rivers of Life, DJJ and The Miami Bridge providing bi-weekly sessions and bringing a message of hope to more than 1,000 youth per year. (Learn More >>)

  • Campus Life

    Campus Life is a program that combines healthy peer-to-peer relationships with creative programs to help high school students make good choices, establish a solid foundation for life, and equip them to positively impact the world around them.

    This program meets in the areas of Miami Springs, Hialeah Gardens, Westchester, and Coral Gables serving over 350 high-school students each week. (Learn More >>)

  • Catalyst

    Catalyst Hip-Hop was founded in 2001 years ago with the mission of positively impacting at-risk youth involved in the four elements of the Hip-Hop culture: break-dancing, rapping, music, graffiti art and DJ’ing.

    This program serves 1,200 youth per year. (Learn More >>)

  • M.Y.L.I.  Miami Youth Leader Initiative

    Miami Youth Leadership Initiative (MYLI) is a training program that teaches youth leaders how to be more effective at reaching youth.

    Serves 15-20 youth leaders annually, impacting over 1,000 youth throughout Miami-Dade County.  (Learn More >>)

  • Office Ministry

    Our office staff provide support in all areas of ministry. They volunteer at ministry sites, make copies of Bible studies, call repair men, assist with event planning, update insurance information, apply for grants, keep track of donors and do everything under the sun for each outreach. (Watch Video >>)