Indigenous Leadership Development Program

The Indigenous Leadership Development program develops leaders among the high school and/or college students who attend the KIX after-school program. The Indigenous Leadership Program consists of 4 Stages:

Stage 1 (Initial Relational Investment)

a) Timeframe: 0-12 Months
b) Develop a quality mentoring relationship with student(s)
c) Point young person to make a first time decision to follow Christ (if has not already)
e) See each student as a potential “Indigenous Leader”

Stage 2 (Turning Spiritual Corners)

a) Timeframe: 3+ Months
b) More time mentoring with the purpose of developing student spiritually
c) Provide leadership opportunities (volunteer opportunities)
e) Student makes higher commitment to KIX program

Stage 3 (A Call to Discipleship)

a) Timeframe: 9+ Months
b) Discipleship (vs friendship) is invited by adult and defined for student
c) Relationship is more structured and specific
e) Accountability and instruction are increasing, and so is encouragement

Stage 4 (A Challenge to Give Back)

a) Timeframe: 3-5+ Years
b) High level of trust has been developed
c) Student growing closer to Jesus and therefore demonstrating growing victory over moral and character issues. (Time in Word and Prayer significant.)
e) Youth are ready to begin relationships with other youth to intentionally take them through the mentoring/discipleship process.