A letter from our Executive Director

Who has the key?

When we asked our youth what chain held them down, they overwhelmingly cited one thing — STRESS. And it’s coming from everywhere. They feel chained to their phones, parents’ expectations, drugs and alcohol, peer pressure, sex, and more. They are stressed BUT searching.

This generation does have significant challenges that no generation has had to face before. Technology has changed the way we all live, but for teens who are struggling to find their identity, it has consumed and confused them.

There is one thing that can set them FREE — the TRUTH.

Miami YFC exists to share the truth of Jesus Christ with every 11 to 19 year old. Jesus came to break the chains that hold them down and give us an abundant life. The exciting thing is that you and I can be the key that unlocks their chains. We are asking God to provide $300,000 to reach youth in Miami by December 31. We are blessed to have $100,000 in matching gifts for all donations given by December 31st.

Let’s Be the Key,

Bonnie Rodriguez
Executive Director

P.S. Miami YFC is a great place to invest in the next generation as we value financial stewarship and integrity. We are debt-free and have earned the highest Charity Navigator rating for the past 7 years.