Miami Youth for Christ exists to help young people develop a relationship with Jesus and reach their God-given potential.

Miami YFC is committed to empowering the children, youth, and families of our community by providing faith-based services that enhance their emotional, spiritual, physical, and educational well-being through our educational and outreach programs. 

Miami Youth For Christ

  • Runs 38 programs weekly at 19 ministry sites
  • Serves nearly 5,000 youth annually
  • Partners with 52 churches and organizations
  • Trains 170 church youth leaders in outreach
  • Mobilizes 48 staff and 150 volunteers
  • Need $2.4 million annually

Miami-Dade Facts and Stats

  • 254,000 youth in Miami, ages 11-19
  • 40% of Miami's youth are living in a single parent home
  • Miami-Dade County is the 4th largest school district, with 64 high schools and 50 middle schools
  • Single greatest challenge for teenagers is lack of positive adult involvement in their lives

Vision for 2020

We will raise up an army of adults to invest in Miami's youth that will:

  • Establish programs for probation youth in Liberty City and South Miami
  • Provide mentors for all probation youth
  • Establish Campus Life Clubs on 25 campuses
  • Start 3 new City Life KIX Clubs
  • Purchase Hip-Hop Youth Center
  • Resource 100 church youth leaders

Video Glimpse of Our Programs

Campus Life Catalyst Juvenile Justice CITY LIFE KIX MYLI