When They Throw Rocks at Your Head

5/6/2021 in Category Our Stories

Loving kids is not for the faint of heart.

I’ll keep the story short to spare the kid: last week, after disciplining a kid (AKA making him apologize), a handful of pebbles was thrown at my... More

Our Second Virtual BTS is coming!

4/21/2021 in Category Ministry Updates

Because of COVID-19, our 2020 Be the Story event - like many others - was moved completely online.  What we learned from that experience is a virtual Be the Story event is highly valuable! ... More

A Changed Life Became a Life Changer

12/9/2020 in Category Our Stories

In 2006, Angel found himself sitting in Miami Dade’s Juvenile Detention Center for the first time.  “I didn’t comprehend [it] then, but…what should have been the end of the road for me... More

Making Sure Kids Always Have a Home

12/2/2020 in Category Our Stories

Like many teens, Daniel struggled with his self-image. One of his main concerns was what others thought about him – when others would whisper around him, he automatically assumed that they... More

Luigi: Forever Changed

11/16/2020 in Category Ministry Updates, Our Stories

I met Luigi three years ago during the 6th grade orientation at Miami Springs Middle School. He came up to the Catalyst info table with his dad and wrote his name on the afterschool program... More