“His Tears Were Running Down My Arm”

6/7/2021 in Category Our Stories

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This story is not about this photo, and yet, in many ways, it is totally about this photo.

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A few weeks ago, the Marlins... More

More Rock Throwing…for Good

5/20/2021 in Category Our Stories

Last Thursday, I caught a few elementary kids throwing rocks into our office.  It’s one of the joys of working next to a school – errant hoodlum-isms.

I stepped out of my meeting and found... More

When They Throw Rocks at Your Head

5/6/2021 in Category Our Stories

Loving kids is not for the faint of heart.

I’ll keep the story short to spare the kid: last week, after disciplining a kid (AKA making him apologize), a handful of pebbles was thrown at my... More

Our Second Virtual BTS is coming!

4/21/2021 in Category Ministry Updates

Because of COVID-19, our 2020 Be the Story event - like many others - was moved completely online.  What we learned from that experience is a virtual Be the Story event is highly valuable! ... More

A Changed Life Became a Life Changer

12/9/2020 in Category Our Stories

In 2006, Angel found himself sitting in Miami Dade’s Juvenile Detention Center for the first time.  “I didn’t comprehend [it] then, but…what should have been the end of the road for me... More