Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

As we sat in the sun eating ice cream, Maria slowly spoke about the darkest moment of her life. I worked hard to keep the shock from my face, then the tears from my eyes, as she told me about being abducted as a small girl along with her grandmother.

Her grandmother took the brunt of the abuse from the captors in order to protect Maria. Her parents recently said Grandmother was violated when separated from Maria.  Miraculously, the captors let them go after taking everything of value from their car.  Maria learned not to talk about the abduction, but the trauma hasn’t gone away.

When I asked her how she feels about God after this experience she said, “I believe there’s a God because I’m alive. The bad people normally don’t let people go, but they let us. It had to be God.” But when I took her through the Gospel to clarify which god she believed in, Maria said she wasn’t ready to commit to believing that Jesus is the only way to Heaven. 

But the Holy Spirit is obviously working in her heart. Later that night, she was swaying and singing worship songs.  She said singing “those songs” makes her feel lighter.

Since returning home, Maria has looked up those songs and listened to them. At our camp reunion, she said that she’s begun praying when she is stressed or when things get loud at home and the prayers have been helping. She is asking her parents if she can go to church this weekend.*  Please pray Maria would continue coming to Campus Life this school year, and that she would come to accept Jesus as her Savior.


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