All It Takes is a Donut

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

Brianna*, age 16, got involved with Campus Life because of a donut.

She saw her brother walking through the halls of North Miami Senior with a sugary sphere.  “Where did you get that?” she asked

His reply was, “Campus Life!”  Her brother explained that Campus Life is a club that helps you relieve stress and anxiety. It seemed like a good place to be, and plus, she’d get a free donut!  So, Brianna gave the club a try and found a place where she could express herself freely and not be judged.

Before she came to Campus Life, Brianna did not trust anyone enough to share her struggles, hurts, and thoughts. Like many teenagers, she didn’t have an avenue to express herself to adults who care. “I would never let someone know so much about me,” she told us, “but when Chris and Latoya (my Campus Life leaders) came into my life, I realized that I have a voice.”

Because she’s found her voice, Brianna has more self-confidence than before and now has an outlet to relieve stress and anxiety. She has somewhere to go every week to have fun, be herself, and learn what it means to have a relationship with God.  

Chris Jeong, North Miami Senior Campus Life Site Director

*Name has been changed.

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