Archives: May 2018

Camp Changes Lives

5/31/2018 in Category Our Stories

I met Salena when she asked me to do her hair for 5th graduation. That simple request launched a relationship that completely changed my life and Salena’s. A natural mentorship grew between... More

How Do You Spell Love?

5/22/2018 in Category Our Stories

I've been going into the girls mod at the juvenile detention center for a year and a half now, and I can’t imagine spending my time any other way.  I’ve learned that for these girls, love... More

Campus Life: Being Brave, Standing in the Gap & Finding Purpose

5/3/2018 in Category Our Stories

This week, we're featuring three different stories from kids - but in honor of the #10DaysofConnection, these stories are all connected by youth whose lives have been changed at Campus Life... More