Bake of Love 2018

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

Most of you know about our annual tradition (along with Core teams across the country) of packing up cookies and delivering them to folks who work on Black Friday.  It’s called the Bake of Love, and leading up to the event, our Core kids talk about how greed affects us at Christmas time, and how store employees who work on BF probably see greed at its worst. In response, students invite friends, prepare recipes, bake and package treats, and then over and over again tell staff, “Yes, these are free, and they are for you!”

This year, the youth group at First United Methodist of Homestead joined us!  They made over 80 packages of baked goods, which means my girls got to give out treats to over 100 retail workers on Black Friday.

It was also our first time partnering with a group outside of Miami YFC to expand our reach, and I’m grateful for Becky Gilbert and the leadership at FUMC for making this possible.  Thanks for giving kids the opportunity to love people who normally get overlooked this time of year!

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