“But Now I Know Him”

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

I was leaving the City Life KIX building at 9:30pm, after a full night of high school Bible study. On my drive home I saw a silhouette walking down the street with a familiar jaunt - Jimmyson*.

You may remember Jimmyson – he was the boy who learned last year that God could hear him anywhere, and then immediately asked if he could tell God right then and there that he wanted to trust Jesus as his Savior! Jimmyson and I have been close this year. We just went to see Harriet together at the movies the night before.

What is Jimmyson doing out? I thought. His mom, Shelly*, would have some words for her middle school boy walking the streets that late—especially on a school night.

“Jimmyson!” I called.

He walked up to my car with his genuine smile. “Hey, I was just going to the corner store to get a snack—can you take me home?”

“Yeah I can take you home. What time is your curfew?”

“Uh, I don’t know,” he said quickly, before rushing into the store to get his snack. I waited for him to return, feeling the weight of the day settling me into the drivers’ seat, honestly thinking of how ready I was to get home. But I really want to help Shelly out. She works so hard and has to ride the bus so far every day. So I waited.

Jimmyson came out of the corner store and hopped into the front seat. His mind was clearly whirring, and he burst out, “You know that movie Harriet last night? Was that real?”

“About Harriet Tubman? Yes, that’s her story!”

“No, the part where God talked to her directly. Can God talk to me like that?”

The whole moment shifted me from exhaustion to awe. This boy is out wandering the streets at night in an unsafe area, but what he can’t get out of his head is the close relationship Harriet Tubman had with God, talking to Him and hearing back clearly. He desired it for himself.

“I believe God can talk to us that way, Jimmyson, but it takes lots of practice to listen.” We started talking about the Bible and the Holy Spirit, and Jimmyson’s questions kept flowing!

As I pulled up to his apartment, he said to me, “I never knew about God before I met you. I mean, I’d heard stuff. But I didn’t really know Him. Now I do.”

Watching him jaunt up the steps to his place, I wasn’t thinking about how tired I was anymore. All I could think was, This makes it all worth it.

Noah Nemni

KIX Club Director, West Homestead

*Name has been changed.

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