Gaining Momentum in Miami-Dade Juvenile Facilities!

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

It was a Sunday afternoon. Ex-felons, hip hop artists, and urban missionaries alike filled the hollow halls of Miami Youth Academy (MYA). They had tattoos, gold teeth, DJ Mix Boards, Nikes, Jordans and Bibles by the box load.

Hip-Hop has long been an instrument that has spoken to the inner city, but today the art form was an instrument of hope, guidance, and the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. Our Juvenile Justice partners made provisions for all of the youth detained to be in attendance as redeemed felons and hip hop artist engaged the microphone in a manner that provoked some guards to tears. Youth inched to the edge of their seats to hear more about how Jesus was the answer for men who once walked in their shoes.  Mr. Williams (MYA Facility Administrator) said he had never seen his youth so engaged and attentive.

After each artist had shared, YFC Juvenile Justice Team member Ronnie Lillard shared the timeless message of the Gospel, and urged the youth that if they wanted to change their lives, they could start today by accepting Jesus as their Savior. As the silence settled, 12 young men made their way to the front of the room to connect with Miami YFC staff and volunteers. After the 12 responded, many others trickled to the front of the room asking for prayer and guidance.

Miami Youth for Christ’s Juvenile Justice team has made commitments to these youth and this facility.  We have stepped in and said we are going to continue walking with these young men during and after they’ve served their time.  Please pray for us and our volunteers on our journey to help bring justice, hope and Jesus to the incarcerated youth of Miami. 


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