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When I started off at KIX, I was a young dude who wasn’t really developed into a man yet.  I hadn’t really had someone mentor me, but I found myself being called a “mentor” or “big brother” by some of the boys.  I started trying to listen to them and be there for them in ways some men in my life hadn’t - I would go to their games, spend time with them, and listen to their problems.

When I had been on staff for a minute, I became the middle school director at KIX West Homestead. Peter and a couple of other boys were looking for someone to mentor them and go through life with them, and I was able to fill that role. 

My name is Peter. I live in West Homestead and am a sophomore in high school.  I’ve been going to our City Life KIX program since I was 9 years old. One day, a leader shared how to become a Christian, and my friend Elvis and I decided to become Christians together. That day is our spiritual birthday, November 9, 2015.

After I made this decision, I needed someone to guide me. That person was Jules. Jules is my father figure. He teaches me right from wrong. When I’m bad or disrespectful, he talks to me like a dad. That’s a big deal to me because it’s just my mom at home. 

Because of Jules, I started making wiser decisions and getting closer to God. Jules’ wife got pregnant this year, and I told Jules that I know he’s going to be a good father...because he's a good father to me.

-Jules, YFC Mentor & Peter, Student

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