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Being a mentor changes and impacts you, possibly more than you can impact the kids.  It is very fruitful, both in the kids’ lives, your own life, and, I believe, in the lives that your mentee will later impact.  It keeps you learning, moving, and thinking about somebody besides yourself.  

One time, my mom was upset with me, and she said something hurtful.  It made me so angry that I decided to run away. I just picked up my stuff and walked out of the house. 

As I was walking down the street, a KIX leader passed by on the van route.  She saw me crying and asked where I was going. I didn’t know what to say, so she let me get in the van and took me to KIX. 

Jules came out to the van and brought another leader, Godwin.  The first thing Jules asked me was how I was feeling. I told him and explained what happened.  Jules encouraged me to go home, and he and Godwin gave me the “life hack” of Haitian moms! They told me about all the sacrifices their Haitian moms had made for them, and how they learned they just needed to listen and do what their moms said, even if they didn’t agree. I went home and tried it, and their advice actually worked! 

This year, I got into marching band.  I've had a lot of games and parades to perform in, so I've been kind of ghost around KIX.  But Jules doesn't get mad about it at all. And he's still there when I need him. He's not just my father figure when I'm at KIX.  He's my father figure every day.  

Being a mentor really helps me to understand God more and the love he has for us.  It really helped me shape who I am and learn about who I am. The responsibility of mentoring Peter and others gives me more purpose and grows my faith. I would tell someone to be a mentor because it can change their life.

-Jules, YFC Mentor & Peter, Student

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