God is doing a NU THANG

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

Our City Life KIX team has championed change, flexibility, and creativity since COVID began. One of the hardest things to adjust to has been losing meaningful ministry opportunities that we know have had great impact on our students in the past, like YFC camp.  Since camp didn’t happen in 2020, our team wanted to provide spring break camp in 2021. We knew it wouldn’t look the same but needed to make something happen. 

God told us to remember, “He is doing a NEW THING!”  Isaiah 43:19

CAMP NU THING was exactly what it needed to be!  Twenty-eight youth came together for one amazing day.  New relationships were formed, new challenges were given, and new beginnings -- God made a way for them all to happen.

Thank you for your role in our ministry during this season because God is still doing NEW THINGS!

City Life KIX TEAM

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