“He Thinks I’m Great!”

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

During fitness time, Molly broke another kid’s water bottle by smashing it on the ground! The little girl became very defensive when I questioned her.

As I sat down to talk to her, one of the staff showed me her paper from a previous activity, where we had our children write down positive things about themselves. Molly had written “Ugly, no good, and dumb.”

Fortunately, earlier in the week we taught the kids about the story of Gideon.  Before God spoke to him, Gideon saw himself as weak and the least important in his family; but God saw a mighty leader in him!

Molly had heard this truth, but sadly she had not taken it to heart. I started to ask her questions about what she wrote and about the story of Gideon. She started to look very excited. I asked her how God saw her, and she said, “He thinks I’m great!”  [Orange closing Quotation Mark] [Text Box: Then I asked her how God saw her, and she said, ‘He thinks I’m great!’

In that moment, I was able to relate my story to Molly’s story.  When I was a kid, writing activities were hard for me as well. I continued to tell her all the great things God thinks about her. I told her whenever those bad things come to her mind, she could stop and ask God to help her see what He sees. 

I’m thankful for moments like these when I can connect my story to a kid’s story, and ultimately connect both tales to God’s life-saving story! 

Thank you for making moments like this possible.  You are a blessing to so many hurting and lost kids! 


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