Healthy in Mind, Body & Spirit

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

David, aka “Bboy Navaja,” was born in Mexico, but his family immigrated to the US when he was very young. At 15, David was diagnosed with a form of stomach cancer and spent a year in and out of the hospital. Because of his treatments, David was not able to attend school that entire year.

Thankfully, David discovered alternative treatments to his cancer (he’s a smart kid!).  By altering his diet dramatically, he experienced a full recovery and was able to return to school.  Still, he found himself struggling to keep up with classes.

Around this time David began attending Catalyst in West Homestead to pursue break-dancing. The Catalyst team began mentoring David and helped him rebuild the confidence he had before his illness.  Through breaking and the life saving message of Jesus Christ, David became healthy in mind, body, and spirit! 

Today, Bboy Navaja is 19 years old, healthy and on track to graduate, but still faces many challenges. His family is plagued by immigration issues, and even faced deportation early last year.  But through it all, David continues to come to Catalyst and find hope, strength, and support in Jesus.


Vivian Stigale

Catalsyt Administrator & Grant Writer

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