“I Cry Every Week on the Way Home”

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

She’s up at 3:30 every morning, works two full-time jobs and yet carves out time every Tuesday evening to mentor some of the highest risk youth in our city. “I feel this generation is so lost and I feel God has given me something that allows me to relate to them,” explains Cire Andino, Governmental Affairs Coordinator for Miami-Dade County Parks and Recreation and a real estate agent with Keyes. Andino has been mentoring youth at the Juvenile Detention Center for two years with veteran staff member Glenn Craig.

“I cry every week on my way home and then I go inside and write their names in my prayer journal,” said Andino. “There was one boy that I will never forget because he only spoke Spanish so I was the only one able to speak with him. He got in an altercation at a gas station when a guy made a pass at his girlfriend. He was very remorseful. He started crying and he said there was something about me. I told him about Jesus and he wanted to listen so much; He didn’t want to talk about himself anymore, he got it and all he wanted to talk about was Jesus. He prayed with me to receive the Lord that night. His name is in my journal.”

“I am exhausted but I am so fulfilled. I ask the Lord every day of my life, let others see you in me. I am glad that Emilio saw Jesus in me,” said Andino. 

Cire Andino is making a difference and helping Miami Youth for Christ transform the hearts of a lost generation. You can get involved too! We need an army of adults to mentor our young people. Please email our Volunteer Coordinator for more information on how you can get involved.


Bonnie Rodriguez
Executive Director

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