“I’m Giving God a Second Chance”

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

Every Tuesday, I drive 40 minutes to His House Children’s Home, on the edge of Miami-Dade County, to share Jesus with kids who are orphaned or in the foster care system. The teenagers are understandably defensive, and many are angry because of the rough hand they have been dealt.

16 year-old Carly (name changed) is one of those kids.  In the past few weeks of meeting with her, she has made quite a few statements about her beliefs, such as: 

· “I don't believe in God. He's never been there for me.” 

· “I don't want to come here if you’re going to talk about God.”

· “Don't pray for me.”  

· “I believe in Lilith, she is the shadow who visits me at night.  The Bible lies because it doesn’t mention her.” 

· “I'm Pan sexual. I believe in loving everyone and everything.”

· “My mom doesn’t love me.  The only person who ever loved me, died.”

But as we shared our prayer requests one night, Carly stood up tall and proclaimed, “I’m going to give God a second chance.”  Then she marched over to the other small group and announced again, “I’m going to give God a second chance.”

So much is happening deep in the hearts of these young people. I am excited for the upcoming weeks, as I get to watch in amazement as Jesus transforms hearts and then lives right in front of my eyes!

-Kristen North, Campus Life Site Director
His House & Kenwood K-8

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