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In May 2018, I flew in from Chicago to see firsthand what God was doing through Miami YFC.  As I arrived at South Miami High School to check-out a Campus Life club, I discovered an unusual scene.  It was about 9am, and parents were walking towards the school en masse.  I noticed a helicopter hovering in the sky.  Multiple police cars were lined up in front of the school.  By the time I parked and reached the front steps of the school, there was a crowd of about 300 parents with deep concern on their faces.  A father shared with me that there was a bomb threat.  The students and teachers were on lockdown in each classroom, waiting for an all-clear.  

The police dogs sniffed out the school and determined the bomb threat was likely a hoax during testing season.  Parents were allowed into the school auditorium to take their students home early.  I will never forget the crowd of mothers hugging their crying daughters who had been in fear for their lives.  I realized all of this was taking place just a couple of months after the Parkland school shooting, a 45 minute drive away from where we stood.

Later, at the Campus Life lunch club, April Lovins switched up plans for the day and talked about dealing with trauma.   As one girl recounted the details of the lockdown announcement, she broke into tears. She had been in the school gym, and everyone hid under the bleachers, thinking there was an active shooter in the school.  She was able share her feelings in a safe place at Campus Life, and April was able share some tips with everyone on dealing with trauma. 

Shortly after experiencing a bomb threat and seeing April in action, I decided to relocate my family to be part of the amazing team bringing the hope of God's love to Miami's campuses.

At Youth For Christ, we value relational evangelism.   In the midst of violent trauma, the listening ears of adult mentors soften the soil for the seed of the Gospel and the hope of a changed life.

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