Join Us (No Fancy Outfit Required)

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

For years now, we've discussed creating some kind of online Be the Story experience.  But then we get so busy planning our annual in-person event that we run out of time.

Thanks to COVID-19, we are stepping out and making Be the Story a virutal campaign!

Join us on May 2 or May 3rd at 7pm for a live-stream Be the Story event.  We'll have staff available to chat with you during the presentation from Bonnie, Johanna, and YFC kids.  It'll be just like you're sitting at a banquet table with us, except you can bring your kids, there's no traffic to fight, and not a bit of business attire is required (but if you need an excuse to dress up for the week, we're happy to be that for you).

We hope to see you there!  You can RSVP here.

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