Jose Finds a New Father

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

NOTE: Though now an intern for Miami YFC, Angel's life did not start off smoothly.  He spent most of his teenage years in and out of Juvenile Detention.  It was there that he met Glenn Craig, our JJM staff, and accepted Christ.  Years later, he was reconnected with Glenn & YFC through a Trinity International University professor.  Now, he interns with Miami YFC, meeting with boys who also are spending time in detention and on probation.

It was Tuesday evening, and I was sitting on the brown-orange couches at Miami’s River of Life (MRL). MRL is a transitional shelter for juvenile offenders who have been released from jail but had no one willing or able to pick them up. These boys are then sent to MRL to wait for their court date or until their families decide they can come home.

That night, we were discussing choices and consequences. As we spoke, tears began to run down young José’s face. He spoke about the foolish decision he had made and how the consequence he was facing was overwhelming. He was distraught, thinking his family would never take him in again and trying to understand how he had reached such a low point in his life.

After the lesson, I took José aside and gave him an opportunity to share more about his life. My heart was broken as he shared that he did not have a father in his life and the only father figure he had, his grandfather, was currently hospitalized. When he finished speaking, I began to tell him about the loving Father who would never leave him, nor forsake him (Deuteronomy 31:6).  José smiled and said he had attended church before, but had never really given God a chance to enter his life.  However, that night was a game-changer as José accepted Christ into his heart and committed his life to Him.

Since then, José has been released, but his battle continues. Please pray for his journey with the Lord, that he may have the strength and courage to stay connected and make better decisions. Additionally, pray for the Juvenile Justice Team of YFC. Like José, we encounter many youth who are broken and need to hear the life-changing message of the Father who is always there.

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