Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

Recently, a student asked me the different between joy and happiness.

"I think I've felt happy before - a lot of times - but I want joy."

As I watched kids open presents, I thought about that difference, and one moment captured it for me.

Many of the kids felt happiness as they opened the gifts.  They were things they asked for - headphones, perfume, a soccer ball.

But I remember when one boy opened a note written by the family who bought his gift.  The note said they were praying for him, by name.  It said they were hoping he had a good Christmas.  It said they would remember him.

He glowed from the inside.

The difference to me between happiness and joy is that when you encounter true joy, it fills your soul.  It is so much deeper than the temporary high of a simple gift or treasure.  It radiates from within.  It smacks of the Divine.

It is unspeakable Life in your story.

-Johanna Ralsten-Cox, Ministries Director

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