Liar, Lord or Lunatic?

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

Weeks ago I had the opportunity to present the Gospel during our weekly after school club, and I challenged the students to think about their relationship with Jesus.  Even though we didn't have anyone make a first time decision to accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord, we did have a lot of great comments on the response cards.  

One of the questions we ask on the card is, "If God asked you why you should be allowed into heaven what would you say?"  This is a good question that guages whether or not students understand the grace of the Gospel or not.  Some of the responses we got were:

He shouldn't 
I don't know
I haven't really done anything THAT bad

I'm so glad our students are willing to be honest with where they are spiritually because it opens doors for honest conversations with them!

Johnny showed up at the end of club and asked for a ride.  In the car, he wanted to know what he missed, so I began sharing the Gospel. Johnny isn't sure about Jesus yet.  He thinks Jesus taught some good stuff but he's not ready to follow him.  I shared with Johnny the "Lord, Liar, Lunatic" idea regarding Jesus (that Jesus didn't leave the possibility of Him just being a good guy - He's either Lord, a liar, or a lunatic).  His response was, "Wow, I've never thought of it that way, I'll have to think more about that."

This week, Johnny is at camp with me, and he'll have an opportunity again to decide who Jesus is to him.  Please pray for a supernatural change in Johnny's life - that he would decide to make Jesus the Lord of his life.


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