New Staff at Miami YFC, and a new school!

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

We have a new member of the Miami YFC staff!  Alicia is from Connecticut, but she and her family recently relocated because her husband, a pastor, was called to Miami.

It just so happened the church he was called to is the home church for a few of our board members.  When one met Alicia and heard her story, he said, "You should really look into Youth for Christ."  She did, and we love her!

Alicia didn't grow up in a Christian home, but a local youth pastor was present on her campus.  He coached a few teams and got to know kids.  He would then invite them to his youth group.  Alicia said she went to his group for 4 years before she decided to become a Christian.

Now, Alicia is doing the same thing that was done for her at one of the largest and hardest to reach high schools in Miami-Dade county: Southridge.  She sent me this picture of her and one of her students this past week, and it warmed my heart!

Please pray for Alicia and her volunteer, a local youth pastor.  And have a happy Friday!


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