Prom Shoes=Progress

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

In 2016, Dre was released from a level 6 residential program. Our staff and volunteers helped Dre find a job and close in on his GED. We prayed with him and cheered him on as he lived a new life, free of crime. 

In May, Dre finally got to take his long-standing girlfriend to prom at Miami High. He called me about a week before the dance, stressing about how his girlfriend had just changed her outfit, and now he needed to find some teal shoes to match her dress. Knowing this was a big moment, I volunteered to take Dre by several shoe stores.
In our adventure from store to store, I was able to share with Dre about how fast ages 18-24 go by. I encouraged him to enjoy the night in a safe manner, and affirmed him for his new life: working & going to school. If his life wasn't so different now, Dre probably wouldn't have attended prom. Searching for shoes was proof God was at work in his life. 
"Thank you, it means a lot," Dre texted me later. Whether our YFC team is in a detention center or at a shoe store, I was reminded it's our privilege to spend these moments with Dre, pouring words of Christ into his ears. Please continue to pray for Dre as he deals with the pressure of living in the inner-city and tries to maintain a clean life.


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