Sheryl’s Story

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

*This was a story featured and shared by a youth at our Be the Story Banquet.  Names and identifying information have been changed.

My name is Sheryl. My life is crazy- My mom was an addict-and my dad was really abusive. By age 14, I was put in a really religious group home, but people who were really random would come in and kind of force God down our throats.

So I became an atheist. I was angry and just didn’t care. I also didn’t want to admit that I couldn’t be good enough to get into heaven because I knew I was a sinner.

Then the first time I came to Campus Life they talked about sin. I was excited because I planned to ask them questions to prove them wrong. But they actually had answers. So I kept coming back, but I always told people I was just going for the food.

After awhile, I started going to church on Sunday too. One week, my leader was driving me home, and I asked, “So your job is to bring kids to Christ, right?” And she said, “Well, yeah.” And I very awkwardly said, “Well, mission accomplished.”

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