Sunday…a Good Time to Go to Jail? (Real Men)

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

Three o'clock on a Sunday sounds like a good time to go to jail, right?

Yet that's where I found myself this past weekend - well, not in jail, but in a residential facility where young men are detained for 6-9 months.

20 of them sat as Ronnie & seven other male performers shared how their lives had turned from drugs, gangs and jail to owning their own businesses, having loving families, and most importantly, lives filled with hope and faith.

When Ronnie asked boys what they were hearing, they said...

-"I hear that my life doesn't have to be about drugs."

-"I hear that there's hope for things to change."

-"I hear that my life can be different, that God cares about me."

All of this culminated in a 15 minute time where boys came forward to be prayed for by Ronnie, his crew, Ely, and two other volunteers (plus me).  Ely's husband then handed out magazine-style Bibles to kids...and their guards!  Twelve boys said they gave their lives to Christ that day.

What's even more exciting to me, though, is that Miami YFC will have a continued presence in this facility.  One young man who spoke to me was so confused and not ready to make any kind of declaration on Sunday.  But I was able to introduce him to Ronnie, hand him a Life New Testament and say, "This is my friend.  I know you have 30 days left in here.  My friend will be here every week until then, and you can come and ask him any questions or just talk to him."  Ronnie spoke with him, found out which neighborhood he'll return to in 30 days so that we can begin looking for mentors and churches to help this young man when he returns to society.

These 8 men and 3 women are the real deal - willing to give-up time, energy and even funds to share hope and love with young men who desire to live differently.  Please join me in praying for these 20 boys and for the staff and volunteers to continue to grow in number and strength!


To support the work of Miami YFC in Juvenile Detention facilities, click here. 

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