They Made It!

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

After one of the most personally challenging years of her life, our student leader, Falone walked the stage at the Watsco Center, an official graduate of South Dade Senior High!

Falone is a thoughtful, detail-oriented, kind leader who started coming to KIX with her cousins during the summer between her 7th and 8th grade year.  It was pretty easy to see early on that there was something different about her-  she wasn't easily pulled into drama, for one, and she was usually the one her friends went to when they wanted someone to listen.

Falone started coming to KIX more in high school, and she became a regular attender of Friday Night Live and Bible study.  She worked hard at her school work and grew in her faith.  She even attended YFC Camp as a Project Serve volunteer, sweating it out with the rest of us so middle school kids could hear about Jesus.

For the last three years, Falone has been on staff with us as a student leader.  She ran an elementary classroom in our afterschool program, and this year, she served as the office assistant for four adults!  She also helped start God's Precious Jewels, a mentoring program for elementary girls.

Last year, one of Falone's brothers was murdered - there's no nice way to put it - and it was devastating for her whole family.  Still, Falone continued going to school, working, and slowly trying to rebuild a faith that was very shaken.  She managed to finish in the top half of her class and was accepted into the FSU Care program, which means she'll attend the school, tuition-free, and receive extra support as a first-generation college student.

We are so proud of you, Falone!  Congratulations!  And thank you to the team of supporters - volunteers, financial givers, partner ministries - who have made it possible for YFC to support this young woman.

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