Venia’s Story

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

Venia trusted Christ at City Life KIX when she was still in 4th grade.  The eldest in an immigrant family, Venia's life hasn't been easy-she has a heavy course load at a magnet school, and regularly takes care of cooking and caring for her younger siblings. "A lot of times I get lazy and just don't want to really try to know God better.  I'd rather just watch TV."
Venia went to camp this year thinking it was a chance for her non-Christian friends to trust Jesus.  But during her silent time with God, she felt the Holy Spirit speaking to her.  "I knew God was saying He loved me, and I wanted to be more serious about knowing him," Venia reported to her Core leader back home.
Since coming back from camp, Venia has thrown herself into reading her Bible and asking deep questions about her faith.  Recently, she even prayed God would give her more boldness in sharing Jesus with her friends.  "I'm tired of using God.  I go to Him when I need stuff, instead of because I need Him.  I want to know God.  I'm ready for Him to use me!"
In just a few weeks, Venia heads back to school, where she can put her faith to the test.  Thank you for being part of the team of adults who makes it possible for our City Life ministry to support her faith journey all year long!

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