What Do YOU Remember Most?

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

We asked kids, staff, and volunteers for the most memorable part of their summer at our City Life programs for low-income youth.  Here are some of their answers!

“The most memorable moment of the summer was teaching Spanish to sixth graders that really wanted to learn it. They giggled and laughed but now know their numbers, colors, and facial features in español!”

Omar Morales
City Life KIX Volunteer

“The most memorable moment of the summer was our first KIX on the Block at a new location in the neighborhood. We had no idea how many students to expect, and when 40 kids appeared out of nowhere, we were amazed!”

Noah Nemni
City Life KIX Staff

“The most memorable thing for me this summer has to be teaching Travis how to ice skate. The fact that he wasn’t afraid but faced his fears and wanted to overcome it was something super special!”

Braulio Montalvo
City Life KIX Staff

“My most memorable thing about this summer was when we took a field trip to Urban Air. At first I was really scared to try the zip line and the high ropes, but then I did it and I was glad that I tried it even though I was scared.”

Yasmin, 13
City Life KIX Student

“Hanging out with Braulio because he helped me open up a lot and he’s nice and kind to me and he knows how to handle situations.”

Pedro, 13
City Life KIX Student

“Our second year of KIX On the Block was an even bigger success than last summer. We went to a new area, and kids from 5-14 came out from everywhere - in fact, we met over 100 new kids! It was a great way to meet new kids who live near our center and invite them to our Dive into Reading program and our Back to School Bash. But the highlight for me was witnessing our teen indigenous staff share the Gospel Cube during their small group time. Watching Thalia, with a little help from Noah, lead 2 elementary students to pray and trust Christ as their Savior was extra special.”

Stacy Morales
City Life KIX Director

“Going to the pool was the most memorable thing this summer for me. Not having a pool I can go to is hard but I’m happy y’all take us there. It was fun and I love KIX.”

Antwan, 14
City Life KIX Student

We can only provide high-quality programs, mentorship, and life experiences for kids because of the generosity of hundreds of donors.  Thank YOU for making our work possible!

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