Where Do We Teach Them to Go?

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

I was sitting in my husband's easy chair, enjoying morning coffee and a book, when the text came in. "Ms. Johanna, pray for me!"

A few texts later, the situation became clear - one of my mentees had been picked on while riding the bus.  The worst offense was that the bullies were supposed friends, and they had gone so far as to steal her phone, then drop it.  For a tech-fluent 14 year-old, this action is the equivalent of being clubbed on the knees by your buddies.  E tu, Brute?

"What can I do?" I texted back.

"Nothing," she said, "Just pray for patience."

I understood.  This particular girl trusted Christ when she was young, and in the past few years, she has started to follow him.  Recently, she has been working to not be reactive, stay out of trouble, and keep her powerful mouth from destroying others.  I put the phone away, and prayed.

A few moments later, I logged onto the YouVersion app to do a Bible plan.  In my feed, I saw my mentee's name.  She had started a new Bible plan....on patience.

I won't lie and say it didn't feel good when my mentee reached out to me.  But you know what felt even better?  Seeing that, when in crises, she knew the Bible had answers.  She turned to God's word for strength & guidance.  When we talk about giving life to a kid's story, this is what we mean: teaching them that there is more to life than fighting and striving, teaching them there is life found in the Scripture, and teaching them God will rescue them in His time. This small choice was actually a huge one for this girl.  It's a decision that will change her life in the long run, if she continues to walk in it.  It's a process I'm proud to be part of!

-Johanna Ralsten-Cox, Ministries Director

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