Why I Rappelled: Kevin’s Story

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

We are preparing to launch Over the Edge 2021 on September 15, 2020!  In preparation, we're featuring stories about stopping youth violence.  Here, staffer and Catalyst alum Kevin Sanchez shares what prompted him to take the plunge.

When we started the after-school program at the middle school, there were many fist fights and even bomb threats at the school. I knew the Gospel was heavily needed so kids could be equipped by the power of the Holy Spirit to have self-control and learn to solve conflict amongst peers. 

In my breakdancing class, Peter and Dmitri* were my hotheads.  They would get worked up over small things, and it could easily escalate to yelling and physical fighting. We spent a lot of time teaching them how to step outside of situations, how to assess what’s worth getting angry over and what’s not.  The boys both trusted Christ and even started attending youth group or church events, so we taught them about the gift of the Holy Spirit, and how we can rely on God for peace.  By the end of the year, I saw firsthand how many of the kids – including these two boys – learned to manage conflict.

I’m not afraid of heights – I like being on top of the world! I get more nervous about raising money, to be honest. But I love the kids, and they need Jesus.  Nobody else is bringing Jesus to them right now – we have to do it.  I rappelled to raise funds for our youth who are in desperate need of the Gospel of Peace. 

Kevin Sanchez,
Catalyst Breakdancing Instructor

*Names have been changed.

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