Why I Went Over: Because Catalyst Changed My Life

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

Going Over the Edge was an experience I will never forget. You see, I was personally touched by Youth for Christ’s Catalyst program. I was one of those youth that needed to channel my energy somewhere.  Catalyst was always a place where I could get rid of my excess energy, but in a positive way: breakdancing.

Most importantly, at Catalyst I heard the Gospel of Christ. I got to hear the Gospel firsthand from leaders who cared about me, like Catalyst founder Joel Stigale.  I believe I responded to Christ because of the love I felt whenever I went to Catalyst.

Rappelling for me was not only an exciting experience, but a nostalgic one as well because it reminded me of firefighter training school (that’s right, the dancer is also a firefighter!). However, the significance of this entire experience far exceeded the nostalgia. The reason I rappelled was to raise awareness of youth violence in our community and to provide a “catalyst” for individuals to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Rappelling gave me an opportunity to put a magnifying glass on the need for youth programs. I believe that youth need an postive outlet to channel their energy, and what better way to channel their energy than by providing programs like Catalyst!

For that very reason, I strongly believe other people should rappel to support Youth for Christ programs. It will give you joy knowing that you not only went over the edge of a giant building, but also helped give back to our youth!

-Kiddoh, Catalyst Bboy Alum

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