Ya’ll, I am getting PUMPED for camp!

Posted on by Bonnie Rodriguez

Ya’ll, YFC Camp is just around the corner for us, and I’m starting to get pumped. I’m on a mailing list that receives prayer updates from each of the YFC Camps across the country (they started in June), and this story from Ojai Camp in California has me so ready to hit the road….

On day 4 of camp, our camp speaker poured out the Gospel in such a relatable way for kids, walking into the very center of room and asking them to “take off their boxing gloves” and let God fight for them.  With crystal clarity he pled with them to let God lead their lives. There wasn’t a noise in the place as every kid was glued to his words – the Holy Spirit was moving for sure!  That night, during solo time, the camp was so quiet.  Still. Calm. Reverent.

Later that night, around the campfire I watched a young man named Alan. Alan looked to be about 14 or 15 – his football jersey hung loosely over this skinny frame.  Dark skin and dark eyes, Alan came to the campfire that night a different person.  You see Alan grew up in a Buddhist home, and that night he accepted Christ into his life for the very first time.  He came to campfire, and stood RIGHT next to our camp musician, Lennox just longing to worship his new King.  For over 30 minutes he stood right next to the piano and sang at the TOP of his lungs to Jesus!  HE raised his hands and belted it out.  Though he couldn’t carry a tune, God was so pleased with his worship!  And then, I loved this – whatever song Lennox would select, his leader would find the words on his phone and hand the phone to Alan so he could sing along.  Song after song!  I stood in the back of the glow of the campfire, just weeping – watching this young man come ALIVE in his soul as he worshiped the One True God!  It was like he couldn’t get enough. Alan – a new creation!  Will you continue to pray for Alan as he goes home?

That’s just one story of many answers to prayer.  Even the Ojai Property Manager had an encounter with Jesus that changed his life!  This week 20 kids trusted Christ for the very first time!  Here is what of them had to say:

“This week, God taught me how to be more open and to be more confidant and believe that I am good enough.”
“This week, God taught me that its okay not to be perfect.”
“This week, God taught me that he is always with me & loves me. He is in the mess with me & will help me out of the mess.”

While all the details of Ojai weren’t perfect, the PERFECT plan of our Father was executed.  Praise God! Thank you for laboring in love through prayer – God’s Kingdom is advancing as a result! (written by Molly Ramseyer)

If that doesn’t get you ready, what will?!  YFC Camp, here we come!

-Johanna Ralsten-Cox

Ministries Director 

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