MYLI is primarily designed for youth leaders, but volunteers are welcome to apply for
the program. Main participants are required to meet the following criteria:

  • Submit an application prior to the first weekend training
  • Be committed to all weekends in one year, which is renewable for the second
  • year (workshop dates are provided in advance)
  • Hold a position of leadership (can implement plans for change).
  • Be teachable and open to change
  • Demonstrate a willingness to be held accountable for the principles taught.

Participants will be asked to submit ministry reports that reflect an
implementation of the model and ideas being taught
Youth Leaders who meet the above criteria and submit ministry reports, will be eligible
for gift cards, as well as significant discounts at the Refresh Retreat, and Reload
Youth leaders and volunteers who do not meet the above criteria, are still welcome to
attend MYLI classes and will have access to the training material.